About Vulcanet Hong Kong

Our Company

Vulcanet Hong Kong is a subsidiary of the Vulcanet Company, a French manufacturer that invents and produces cleaning products for the automobile industry. Vulcanet Hong Kong is authorized to distribute Vulcanet products exclusively in Hong Kong and Macau.

In Vulcanet Hong Kong, we promise to provide:

  • High quality product
  • Best customer service
  • Ethical business

Our Team


We continue to bring our passion to Hong Kong

Not 2 or 3 years! We have spent more than 10 years developing the products from countless failure experiences! Let customers in Hong Kong and Macau feel the results.

The ultimate auto cleaning experience

Vulcanet is the first and only product to fully clean all exterior and interior components of cars, motorcycles, bicycles and boats.
When using Vulcanet, it can be cleaned completely, and in the process: - no need to use water - no need to use gloves - no need to use foam - no need to be restricted by geographical environment - no trace

特製配方- 魔潔力

International patent formula

Each Vulcanet product contains a formula of 15 molecules. Vulcanet has obtained international patent number 0704121, 100% French made.

Special honeycomb shape paper towel

Vulcanet guarantees the highest cleaning results without any damage to the body. Everything is attributed to a special honeycomb weave that captures dirt and avoids lines.

High-density microfiber cloth

Vulcanet's high-density microfiber cloth, which has been cleaned and used to create a gorgeous appearance, gives a new look even on faded paint finishes.